The IYMV Outreach Programme – A Lockdown Update

One of Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale’s objectives is to make yoga as accessible as possible to people in our local area. In 2017, IYMV launched an outreach programme to help subsidise Iyengar yoga classes for vulnerable and disadvantaged adults. Iyengar yoga teachers were invited to apply for a six month grant to help run classes in the community providing access to people who may not otherwise be able to attend classes. Continue reading →

IYIMV Outreach Programme – Open for applications

Are you, or do you know an Iyengar yoga teacher who would like to teach classes to vulnerable or disadvantaged adults?

IYMV has established an outreach programme to bring Iyengar yoga to those who might not have access to regular yoga classes. We are inviting teachers to suggest a London based organisation to work with such as a community project, women’s refuge or centre, prison, special needs school or recovery project that does not already have funding.

Successful applicants will receive funding to teach a weekly class at their proposed organisation for an initial period of 6 months.

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New teachers for Tuesday mornings

From 2 July the Tuesday morning General class will be taught by Megan Inglesent and the Beginners class will be taught by Jackie McCaul.

9.30 – 11.00am General – Megan Inglesent

11.15 – 12.45pm Beginners – Jackie McCaul

After 18 years of dedicated teaching at Maida Vale, Ofra Graham has stepped down from her regular classes. Her students will be glad to hear that Ofra will continue to provide cover for classes and will return to give workshops.

NEW Friday early morning class

This summer we are running a second early morning Beginners/General class with Amparo Rodriguez on Fridays. Join us to make the most of the bright mornings and start your day right!

Our early morning classes are 75 minutes long so you have time to practice before you get on with your day. The new Friday class starts on 14 June and will run until the clocks go back. The last class of the season will be Friday 25 October.

Wednesdays 7.00-8.15am

Fridays 7.00-8.15am

Members £8.50 / Non-members £11

Moving up from Beginners to General level


BKS Iyengar and his daughter, Geeta, were always clear about the stages of progression of practice and how poses link with each other like building blocks. Each syllabus has a clear list of poses which create the basis of practice at whatever stage you are at.

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Centenary events funds raised – thank you!


Thanks to all of you who joined us to make the Centenary events on the 14th & 15th December such a success! The 100 Asana led practice and the evening of entertainment provided by our talented teachers and students were a lot of fun and very well attended. A big thanks also to Judy and Marco.

A total of just under £2,250 was raised and will be split equally among: The Bellur Trust, Mind and Crisis.


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Geeta Iyengar On Pranayama

In the May 2002 issue of Dipika, the Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale journal, we published an intervew with Dr. Geeta S. Iyengar on the subject of pranayama by Lois Steinberg. Many thanks to Lois for allowing us us to share it here.   Continue reading →

Interview with Geeta Iyengar – 1999

Dr. Geeta Iyengar passed away on Sunday 16th December at age 74. She made a profound contribution to  the yoga community around the world with her dedication to sharing the teachings of her father and guru, BKS Iyengar. Her seminal work ‘Yoga – A Gem for Women’ has had an enduring influence on yoga techniques for women. Reportedly when asked about living in her father’s shadow she replied, “It was not his shadow, it was his light.”

In 1999 Mark Tully, the BBC’s India Correspondent from 1964-1994, visited Pune. The result of this visit was a memorable interview with BKS Iyengar for the BBC Radio 4 production: Head to Toe. BBC producer, Vanessa Harrison, has kindly shared the interview transcripts. This is a section of the interview Mark held with  Geeta.  Continue reading →

BKS Iyengar’s Demonstration at the Barbican in London, 1984


21 May, 1984 was a momentous occasion in the history of Iyengar yoga and for the Iyengar Yoga studios in Maida Vale. BKS Iyengar gave a talk and demonstration before an audience of 2,000 at the Barbican Centre in London. He talked about Patanjali and the eight limbs of yoga and he gave a demonstration of pranayama and asanas. The occasion also included a performance by some of his close students that had been rehearsed at Maida Vale. Guruji generously donated the entire income from the evening to the Maida Vale building fund. 

One of his students who took part was our Senior teacher, Penny Chaplin. Here she remembers this special evening.

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2018/19 Pop-up Intermediate Class Schedule


Following on from the popularity of our Sunday afternoon Pop-up Intermediate classes we have scheduled classes for the New Year. These are all drop-in classes so no need to book in advance. Just note the dates, come along and enjoy.

Members £14 / Non-members £17


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BKS Iyengar Centenary: Talented students we need you!

Celebration of BKS Iyengar’s  Centenary at 4pm on Saturday 15 December
BKS Iyengar would have been 100 in December and to celebrate his centenary we will have an early evening of entertainment and memories. For this we need you! If you are a musician, singer, story teller or magician, we invite you to offer your performance for this special event.
If you would like to participate, please send an email with the subject line ‘Centenary Celebration’ to office@iyi.org.uk

How do you feel after an Iyengar yoga class?

You may have asked yourself why you keep returning to your yoga class. When we start yoga most of us don’t really know what to expect and the first class may come as a bit of a shock. Maybe we expect to be sitting cross-legged or tied up in knots or even standing on our head, but in the Iyengar yoga method you are put through rigorous standing poses in the very first class.  The hamstrings sing, the arms tire from holding them up for so long and our concentration is demanded at every moment.  Continue reading →

A short history of Iyengar Yoga in Maida Vale

This is an edited version of an article by Dr Suzanne Newcombe, Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University and research fellow at the London School of Economics. She researches the sociology and social history of modern yoga and founded the Journal of Yoga Studies. This article first appeared in the Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale journal, Dipika, for the 21st Anniversary issue in May 2005.  

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9am Sunday Beginners Class

9am Sunday Beginners Class with Anita Phillips



14th January | 21st January | 4th February
11th February | 18th February | 25th February

Please Note – there is no class on Sunday 28th January

Members £7.50/Non-members £9.50.



14 December 2017 – Guruji Birthday Dedication

Thursday 14 December marks what would have been BKS Iyengar’s 99th birthday. Penny Chaplin’s General class on the day will be dedicated to Guruji. After class there will be a memorial plaque placed in the courtyard.  Everyone attending the class will receive a small print of BKS Iyengar by photographer Coni Hörler to mark the day.

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9.00am Sunday Beginners Class – Extra dates!

Sunday 15th October –  17th December

Beginners with Kristyan Robinson

Good news for weekend yoga fans – we have extended the series of one hour Sunday morning classes for an extra four weeks.
Members £7.50/Non-members £9.50.


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IYIMV Outreach Programme- open for applications

Are you, or do you know an Iyengar yoga teacher who would like to teach classes to vulnerable or disadvantaged adults?

IYIMV is setting up an outreach programme to bring Iyengar yoga to those who cannot access regular classes at the Institute. We are inviting teachers to suggest an organisation to work with to offer classes to people who could benefit from regular yoga classes. Successful applicants will receive funding to teach a weekly class at their proposed organisation for 6 months.

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Silvia Prescott


One of our most senior and respected teachers, Silvia Prescott, died peacefully at home on Thursday 3 November.

Silvia was one of BKS Iyengar’s first British students, having practised Iyengar yoga since 1970, and taught at Maida Vale for many years.

The funeral will take place at Golder’s Green Crematorium on Thursday 17 November at 1.00pm

No flowers by request. Donations to Age UK or Shelter will be welcomed.

Read Silvia’s memories of her teacher BKS Iyengar in The Guardian >

See Silvia’s photographs of BKS Iyengar’s practice >

Yoga for Teens – Still Places available after half term!

Mondays 5.00pm – 5.55pm

with Harshini Wikramanayake

22 February – 21 March

We have a few places available for the second half term of our course for teens. These fun, active classes are tailored specifically for ages fourteen and above.

To reserve a place email office@iyi.org.uk or or call  us on 020 7624 3080