Board Vacancies

We’re always looking for Annual Members to put themselves forward for trustee/director vacancies on the Board as and when they arise. If you have expertise you think could help to guide the charity, then please feel free to contact us with details of your experience and interest. We will get in touch to answer any questions you may have and hold your details on file until there is a vacancy. Please email office@iyi.org.uk

Board members must be annual members of IYIMV of at least one year’s standing. Once a name is put forward, the proposed trustee/director must be nominated by the Board and elected at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Board of Trustees serve for three years from the date of their election.

The role of the board of trustees is:

· to determine the strategic priorities of the charity,

· to monitor activity and outcomes, and

· to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our current chair, John Robinson, is due to retire in June this year, and the board is seeking one (or more) new trustees. Our current treasurer, Miguel Ortega, is chair elect and current trustee Jonathan Jones has agreed to take on the tasks of Hon. Treasurer.

Applications would be particularly welcome from those with extensive recent experience in business or marketing. Please email office@iyi.org.uk