Holiday timetable 2019

Over the holiday season there are some changes to our regular timetable. Please also note that we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. We look forward to seeing you for some seasonal yoga!

Saturday 21 December

Beginners8.15-9.45amAmparo Rodriguez
General8.30-10.00amRosemary da Silva
Intermediate10.00-12.00pmJudy Lynn
Beginners12.15-1.45pmJudy Lynn
General3.30-5.00pmMarco Cannavo
Beginners5.00-6.30pm Khaled Kendsi

Sunday 22 December

Beginners9.00-10.00amJudy Waldman
Beginners9.30-11.00am Rosemary da Silva
Intermediate10.15-12.15pm Alaric Newcombe
General12.30-2.00pm Alaric Newcombe
Pregnancy3.00-4.30pmAlison Barty
Beginners5.00-6.30pmKhaled Kendsi
General6.00-7.30pm Barbara Norvell

Monday 23 December

Beginners10.00-11.30amBarbara Norvell
General11.45-1.15amHazel Sainsbury
Gentle Yoga12.00-1.30pmRosemary da Silva
Beginners/General6.30-8.00pmAinhoa Acosta

Tuesday 24 December

General 9.30-11.00amMegan Inglesent
Beginners11.15-12.45pmJackie McCaul

Wednesday 25 December


Thursday 26 December


Friday 27 December

Beginners10.00-11.30Marco Cannavo
60+11.45-1.15pmJudy Lynn
General12.00-1.30pm Marco Cannavo

Sat 28 December

8.15-9.45amBeginnersKorinna Pilafidis-Williams
8.30-10.00amGeneral Rosemary da Silva
10.00-12.00pmIntermediateJudy Lynn
12.15-1.45pmBeginnersRosemary da Silva
3.30-5.00pmGeneralMarco Cannavo
5.00-6.30pmBeginnersKhaled Kendsi

Sunday 29 December

Beginners9.00-10.00amKhaled Kendsi
Beginners9.30-11.00amRosemary da Silva
Intermediate10.00-12.00pmSophie Carrington
General 12.30-2.00pmSophie Carrington
Beginners5.00-6.30pmKhaled Kendsi
General 6.30-7.30pmBarbara Norvell

Monday 30 December

Beginners10.00-11.30amHazel Sainsbury
General 11.45-1.15pmElisabeth Wengersky
Gentle Yoga12.00-1.30pmRosemary da Silva
Beginners/General6.30-8.00pmKorinna Pilafidis-Williams

Tuesday 31 December

General9.30-11.00amKorinna Pilafidis-Williams
Beginners11.15-12.45Jackie McCaul

Wednesday 1 January