Covid Safety Precautions from 23 December 2021

We continue to take the risk of Covid transmission seriously and are taking steps to keep the studios safe. If you are planning to visit the studios please note that:

We are continuing to provide studio classes to limited numbers of students in the conjoined studios. Currently class numbers are limited to a maximum of 25 but most classes have a limit of 18, allowing participants to maintain a safe distance from each other.

Bookings should be made for all classes in advance, either online or by telephone, to reduce the need for payment at reception.

Participants should, so far as possible, arrive at the studios ready to practice. This is to minimise the use of changing rooms. Showers are not provided at present.

Although masks are not required (and not recommended) during classes, please continue to use them in the common areas.

We have kept the screens in place at reception and continue to provide enhanced cleaning and hand sanitising equipment.

Only one class will be held at a time, with time between classes to avoid crowding in reception, changing rooms or common areas.

Please stay away if you have any cold, flu or covid symptoms or live in close contact with someone who does.

Please use the QR code in the shoe area to register your visit with the NHS Test and Trace system.