Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Class Levels

Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course

A six-week introduction, recommended for complete beginners. Read more…

Beginners Yoga Class

For all new students or those with less than two years’ experience of Iyengar yoga. Basic yoga postures (asanas) are taught to develop strength, stamina and flexibility, and they’re suitable for any age group. You don’t have to complete an Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course first, though we do recommend it. Those with other yoga experience are advised to start with a Beginners yoga class. Teachers can recommend if other levels would be more suitable.


Not for complete beginners, this yoga class is designed for anyone who’s been practising the Iyengar method for at least six months. Some additional postures may be introduced, but you don’t have to attend Beginners/General classes before moving up from Beginners to General level.



For students who’ve been coming to Iyengar yoga classes regularly for at least two years. Work is more intensive than at Beginners’ level and you’ll be introduced to a wider variety of asanas, and basic pranayama.



For students with at least four years’ training in Iyengar yoga, who can maintain a stable Sirsasana and Sarvangasana for at least five minutes and who have established an independent practice. Work will be more demanding than at General level and asanas are studied in more detail.



Yogic breathing for students practising at General level or above. Pranayama helps to control and calm the mind and recharge one’s energy.


Teachers’ Class

For qualified Iyengar yoga teachers only.


Yoga Teacher Training

Our respected programme leads to certification as a teacher by the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK), and further training for qualified teachers. Read more


Gentle Yoga

For people aged around sixty and over. Read more



Asanas to support a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Read more


Childrens Yoga Class

For children aged from 7–14. Read more



For those with specific health problems, by application. Read more