Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Further Yoga Teacher Training Courses

After gaining the Introductory Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, teachers can work on attaining higher levels of qualification in the Iyengar method.

Junior Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Junior Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training Certificate is a three-part qualification with assessments at each level taking place in March. Students may take the Junior Intermediate Level 1 assessment a minimum of 18 months after qualifying as Introductory level yoga teachers. To join, you must have held your Introductory yoga teacher training certificate for at least one year, and be teaching students. You also need to be a member of both the Institute and IY(UK), and to fulfil the requirements of IY(UK).

The yoga teacher training course is held at Maida Vale with Penny Chaplin. Please contact office@iyi.org.uk for further information, or call reception on 020 7624 3080 to pay for reservations.

Sessions take place on Saturdays between 10.15 am and 1.15 pm or Sundays between 11.15 am and 2.15 pm.  All sessions cost £33.

Provisional dates for 2020 are:

5 January | 1 March | 29 March | 26 April | 14 June | 26 July | 27 September

Assessments and Forms

To apply for assessment, please contact Kate Woodcock at the IY(UK) for the relevant forms.

Senior Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training Course

This is also a three-part certificate, with assessments held at each level in November. Yoga Teachers can apply for assessment at Senior Intermediate Level 1 a minimum of 18 months to two years after gaining their Level 3 Junior Intermediate Yoga Teaching Certificate.

A course for Yoga teachers is held at Maida Vale with Penny Chaplin.

Sessions take place on Friday afternoons between 2.00 and 5.00, or on Saturdays and Sundays 1.00 – 5.00 & 11.15 – 3.15 respectively.

The cost is £33/£44 for a three or four hour session.

To join the yoga teacher training course, please contact Penny Chaplin via the office at Maida Vale.

Provisional dates for 2020 are:

18 & 19 January | 14 & 15 March | 9 & 10 May | 11 & 12 July | 12 & 13 September | 24 & 25 October 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course

These Certificates are only awarded on the recommendation of RIMYI, the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

Further details are available from the Iyengar Yoga Association.