New Students

New Students

New to Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone and our bright, spacious yoga studios are specially designed for it.

We welcome new students of all ages and abilities, from children to pensioners, whatever their previous experience. You don’t have to be able to touch your toes or do the splits. Yoga is non-competitive but it is physically challenging as you are taught to explore and extend the capacity of your body. Our yoga classes will help you develop your body’s capabilities and harmonise them with a calm and focused mind.

The Iyengar yoga method has a step-by-step approach for introducing new students to the postures so you develop control and learn the correct movements. Our teachers have many years of experience teaching beginners using simple, clear instructions and demonstrations. Yoga starts on the mat, but it has profound effects on wellbeing and practised regularly can even slow the ageing process!


Three options for new students

There are a few different ways to start off your experience of Iyengar yoga with us. We recommend that you pick the option that  feels most comfortable for you based on your level of experience. If you’d like to talk it through, don’t hesitate to drop in for a chat or give us a call.


Free Taster Classes
We offer Free Taster Classes at intervals throughout the year specially for new students. Come along if you’d like to try Iyengar yoga for the first time and see our beautiful studios. These classes are always popular and you can reserve your place in advance.

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Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course
Taking our six-week Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course is an excellent way to build up your confidence alongside other students who are new to the practice. We schedule the courses to start shortly after the Free Taster Classes so new students can build up experience of Beginner level postures.

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Beginners drop-in classes
We provide Beginners classes every day and new students are welcome to come along. This is a good option if it has been some time since you have practised Iyengar yoga or if you have experience of other styles of yoga. These classes are for students with less than two years experience of Iyengar yoga. Let the teacher know if it’s your first class so they can make sure you are safe and able to follow the class.

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