Yoga classes

Yoga classes

Yoga for Children

Our Yoga for Children classes are for for ages 6-12.

The  course runs during term time and can be booked in advance. Korinna Pilafidis-Williams has extensive experience of teaching yoga to children and, as young JJ Fisher describes it, her classes are ‘fun‘. They also help him to concentrate on work and stay in shape for playing sports. ‘I like the fact that we learn about bones and the body as well as yoga.


Yoga for Children with Korinna Pilafidis-Williams
Mondays 5.00pm – 5.55pm

£72 for the term  (pro rata’d for new students who join after term starts)


Book now on 020 7624 3080 or email


2018 Autumn Term Timetable 

Autumn TermSeptember to December 2018  
Monday 10Monday 1Monday 5Monday 3
Monday 17Monday 8Monday 12
Monday 24Monday 15Monday 19
Monday 22
(Half term - no class)
Monday 26
Monday 29

2019 Winter/Spring Timetable

Winter/Spring Term January to April 2019  
Monday 14Monday 4Monday 4Monday 1
Monday 21Monday 11 Monday 11
Monday 28Monday 18 (no class - half-term)Monday 18
Monday 25Monday 25

Children’s yoga classes are scheduled during term time with a break for half term. We are unable to accept bookings for individual classes.

If your child has any health problems or you have any queries about your child joining our children’s yoga class later in the term, please contact the office. To help us protect the safety of children attending our classes, please tell the receptionist on duty the name of the person who will be collecting the child. Please notify us of any change in these arrangements as soon as possible.





About Korinna Pilafidis-Williams


Korinna has been practising Iyengar yoga since 1983 and started teaching at Maida Vale in 1995. She is a Junior Intermediate teacher and is especially interested in remedial yoga as well as teaching children and teenagers. She visits the Institute in Pune regularly. After having held the teaching portfolio as one of IYMV’s trustees for many years, she is currently the editor of Dipika, IYMV’s magazine.