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Yoga Classes

Yoga Workshops


Yoga workshops are a chance to work more deeply on your practice. They are usually longer than regular classes so you have time to explore postures in more detail and focus on specific teaching points.

Please note that our yoga workshops are generally unsuitable if you’re menstruating. If you have an injury or medical condition, please consult the office or the yoga workshop teacher before booking.

General/Intermediate Workshops with Alaric Newcombe

Alaric has been teaching at Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale  since 1991 and has been practising yoga since 1983. He has attended classes in Pune and holds the Senior Intermediate 3 certificate. Alaric is a teacher trainer at Introductory and Junior Intermediate Levels.

These workshops are suitable for practitioners with 3 or more years’ experience.

Friday 20 March
Members £30, non-members £32.50

Friday 26 June
Members £30, non-members £32.50

Friday 21 August
Members £30, non-members £32.50

Richard has been practising Iyengar yoga since 1975 and teaching since 1977. He has attended classes at RIMYI, Pune on 25 visits, and is a Senior Intermediate Level 3 teacher.

He and his wife, Kirsten, are the directors of the Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre. He is a moderator and assessor for the IYA(UK).

Pranayama Workshop for Teachers & Intermediate Level Students
Friday 6 March
Members £36 / Non-member £39

General Workshop
Saturday 7 March
Members £36 / Non-member £39

General Level Pranayama Workshop
Saturday 7 March
Members £24 / Non-member £26

‘Jumping into Spring‘ Workshop with Hazel Sainsbury

This Beginners workshop will explore jumpings in Iyengar yoga. We will look at surya namaskar (sun salutations) and different ways to get in and out of standing postures. We will also look at sequences for the seated postures which are helpful for establishing a home practice. The workshop will help build confidence in jumping as an energising technique as well as providing information on sequencing.

Hazel Sainsbury began practising Iyengar yoga in 1995. She spent a year studying with and assisting the Chanchanis (senior teachers) in North India before beginning her training to teach in 2003, back in the UK. She has made several trips since then to both the Chanchanis and the Iyengars in Pune.

Sunday 22 March

Members £24 / Non-member £26

Workshops with Christian Pisano

Christian Pisano has been practising Iyengar Yoga for many years. More than 35 years ago he lived in Pune for several years in order to be close to and learn directly from his guru, B.K.S. Iyengar.

His philosophical inclinations are those of the non-dual approaches, especially that of the ‘Trika’ system known as Kashmir Shaivism. He is one of only three teachers worldwide to have the Advanced Senior Intermediate Teachers’ certificate awarded by B.K.S. Iyengar.

He continues to study with the Iyengars annually in Pune and he is the Director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Nice, France.

Teachers Workshop
For qualified Iyengar yoga teachers.
Friday 3 April
Members £36 / Non-members £39

General Workshop
For students with at least two years of regular Iyengar yoga practice.
Saturday 4 April
Members £36 / Non-members £39

Intermediate Workshop
For students with at least four years of regular Iyengar yoga practice.
Sunday 5 April
Members £36 / Non-members £39

Teaching Practice Workshops with Korinna Pilafidis-Williams

These workshops are for trainee teachers taking their Introductory assessment in June and for newly qualified teachers who have not had much chance to teach since their assessment and want to brush up on their teaching skills.   These workshops are led by Korinna Pilafidis-Williams, mentor and member of the previous teacher training team at IYMV.

Saturday 21 March
Members £36 / Non-member £39

Saturday 25 April
Members £36 / Non-member £39

General & Intermediate Workshops with Uday Bhosale

Uday Bhosale spent fifteen years studying, assisting and teaching at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune with the Iyengar family. In addition to teaching the Childrens, Beginners and Intermediate classes at RIMYI, he assisted in Geeta Iyengar’s medical classes. He recently moved to the UK and teaches regular classes and workshops.

General Level Workshop  
Saturday 2 May
£36 Members / £39 Non-members

Intermediate Level Workshop  
Sunday 3 May
£36 Members / £39 Non-members

2020 Workshops & Events

Saturday 11 JanuaryPenny Chaplin
Sunday 2 FebruaryMarco Cannavo
Sunday 9 FeburaryAmparo Rodriguez
Saturday 7 March Richard Agar Ward
Sunday 8 March Richard Agar Ward
Friday 20 MarchAlaric Newcombe
Sunday 22 MarchHazel Sainsbury
Friday 3 April Christian Pisano
Saturday 4 April Christian Pisano
Sunday 5 AprilChristian Pisano
Tuesday 28 April Lois Steinberg
Saturday 2 MayUday Bhosale
Sunday 3 May Uday Bhosale
Saturday 16 May PDD - Richard Agar Ward
Tuesday 19 MayJawahar Banghera
Wednesday 20 May Jawahar Banghera
Thursday 21 May Jawahar Banghera
Tuesday 16 JunePixie Lillas
Wednesday 17 JunePixie Lillas
Thursday 18 JunePixie Lillas
Friday 19 JunePixie Lillas
Saturday 20 JunePixie Lillas
Sunday 21 JunePixie Lillas
Friday 26 JuneAlaric Newcombe
Saturday 4 July Elise Browning Miller
Sunday 5 July Elise Browning Miller
Friday 21 AugustAlaric Newcombe
Friday 4 SeptemberMary Obendorfer & Eddy Marks
Saturday 5 SeptemberMary Obendorfer & Eddy Marks
Sunday 20 SeptemberPDD - Judy Sweeting
Friday 30 OctoberGarth McLean
Saturday 31 October Garth McLean
Sunday 1 November Garth McLean