Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Yoga Workshops


Yoga workshops are a chance to work more deeply on your practice. They are usually longer than regular classes so you have time to explore postures in more detail and focus on specific teaching points.

Please note that our yoga workshops are generally unsuitable if you’re menstruating. If you have an injury or medical condition, please consult the office or the yoga workshop teacher before booking.


Morning Classes and Workshops with Pixie Lillas

Pixie Lillas returns to Maida Vale this summer to run a series of classes and workshops. Pixie started practising Iyengar yoga in 1976 and has returned to Pune most years since 1977. She opened the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio in 1980 and has been director and principal teacher there since. As well as offering her own teacher training courses she is closely involved with running the assessments for the BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia and currently holds a Junior Advance Certificate.

Morning General Classes  
These are drop-in classes so no need to book.
Tuesday 18 June         7.30-9.00am
Wednesday 19 June   7.30-9.00am
Thursday 20 June        7.30-9.00am

£11 Members / £14 Non-members

Teachers & Intermediate Level Workshop 
For certified Iyengar Yoga teachers and students with four or more years of regular Iyengar yoga practice. You should be able to maintain a strong head balance and shoulder stand for 5-10 minutes, and be familiar with the standard poses.

Friday 21 June
2.00 – 5.00pm
Members £36 / Non-members £39

General Level Workshop 
For students with two or more years’ regular Iyengar yoga practice may attend this workshop.

Saturday 22 June
10.15 – 1.15pm
Members £36 / Non-members £39

Intermediate Level Workshop 
For students with four or more years of regular Iyengar yoga practice. You should be able to maintain a strong head balance and shoulder stand for 5-10 minutes, and be familiar with the standard poses.

Sunday 23 June
11.15 – 3.15pm
Members £48/ Non-members £52

Two Day Scoliosis Workshop with Elise Browning Miller

Saturday 6 July

10.15 – 4.15pm 

Sunday 7 July 

11.30 – 3.30pm

Please note that both days must be booked together

Members £150 / Non-members £170


This workshop is designed to present information and experience in the ways that Iyengar yoga can be used to meet the challenges of scoliosis. It will include an anatomical background on scoliosis, identify each participant’s scoliosis and discuss cause and effect as well as psychological consequences of scoliosis. Participants will learn optimal yoga postures for scoliosis as well as how to adapt specific yoga postures to their scoliosis. By combining the yoga postures with breathing awareness, one can develop a more structural alignment of the body and become more symmetrical and balanced. Adjustments and props will be used to assist participants to work with their individual scoliosis. 

This workshop is appropriate for anyone with scoliosis whether he/she is currently a yoga student or not. Teachers are encouraged to attend to gain knowledge and be more skillful when assisting their students with scoliosis.

Elise will discuss the physical and psychological causes and effects of scoliosis, identify different patterns of scoliosis and introduce the most beneficial poses for scoliosis. The afternoon will include a Powerpoint presentation followed by a short yoga session. Emphasis will be on lengthening the spine and aligning the body with breath awareness in beginning yoga poses. In order for Elise to clearly identify your scoliosis, please wear a lighter colored top or sports bra.

Participants will continue to learn to work with their particular scoliosis with a variety of yoga poses including standing poses, back strengtheners, twists, inversions and forward bends.

Elise Browning Miller is a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher and is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Elise has been teaching yoga throughout the US and internationally for over 30 years. A founding director of California Yoga Center in Mountain View, CA, Elise has successfully used yoga to minimize the effects of her own scoliosis. She has published numerous articles on scoliosis and other yoga related subjects. Elise has studied many times with the Iyengars in India and specialises in scoliosis lower/upper back problems and sports related injuries. Elise co-authored a comprehensive book Yoga for Scoliosis – A Path for Students and Teachers, as well as a Yoga for Scoliosis DVD and booklet, Yoga for Back Care booklet, and her book, Yoga: Anytime, Anywhere.



For waiting list enquiries email or call 020 7624 3080


Intermediate Workshop with Alaric Newcombe

Monday 26 August

10.30 – 1.30pm

Members £36 / Non-members £39

Alaric has been teaching at Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale  since 1991 and has been practising yoga since 1983. He has attended classes in Pune and holds the Senior Intermediate certificate. Alaric is a teacher trainer at Introductory and Junior Intermediate Levels.




General Workshop with June Whittaker Pisano

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Saturday 31 August

10.15 – 1.15pm

Members £36 / Non-members £39

After a career in classical ballet June Whittaker Pisano searched for another discipline. Inspired by the sophistication and excellence of the teaching and practice, she found her passion for Iyengar Yoga in London. June was a faculty teacher at the Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale before moving to Nice in 1999 to co-direct the Institut de Yoga Iyengar de Nice with her husband, Christian Pisano. She holds a Senior level 3 teacher’s certificate and continues to study regularly at the mother institute in Pune, India, with the Iyengar family.


2019 Workshops & Pop-up Classes

Booking opens two months before scheduled events. Pop-up classes are drop-in classes so no need to book.

Sunday 12 MayBeginners Moving up to General Level Workshop11.15-2.15pmJudy Lynn
Tuesday 14 May General Workshop2.00-5.00Firooza Ali
Friday 17 May Teachers Workshop2.00-5.00Firooza Ali
Tuesday 18 JuneGeneral Class7.30-9.00Pixie Lillas
Wednesday 19 JuneGeneral Class7.30-9.00Pixie Lillas
Thursday 20 JuneGeneral Class7.30-9.00Pixie Lillas
Friday 21 JuneTeachers/Intermediate Workshop2.00-5.00Pixie Lillas
Saturday 22 JuneGeneral Workshop10.15-1.15Pixie Lillas
Sunday 23 JuneIntermediate Workshop11.15-3.15Pixie Lillas
Saturday 6 July Scoliosis Workshop Part 1 Day 1 - for teachers and students with scoliosis10.15-4.15Elise Miller
Sunday 7 July Scoliosis Workshop Part 1 Day 211.30-3.30Elise Miller
Monday 26 AugustIntermediate Workshop10.30-1.30Alaric Newcombe
Saturday 31 AugustGeneral Workshop10.15-1.15June Whittaker
Sunday 1 SeptemberIntermediate Pop-up2.30-4.30Ofra Graham
Saturday 7 SeptemberProfessional Development Day10.15-4.15Susan Long
Saturday 21 SeptemberGeneral Workshop10.15-1.15Uday Bhosale
Sunday 22 SeptemberIntermediate Workshop11.15-2.15Uday Bhosale
Friday 1 NovemberPranayama6.30-8.30Garth McLean
Saturday 2 NovemberMultiple Sclerosis Workshop10.15-3.15Garth McLean
Sunday 3 NovemberMultiple Sclerosis Workshop11.15-4.15Garth McLean